Essential Oil’s Organ of the Month (August): Black Pepper and the Spleen

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf

It’s the norm at this point in our journey to start with a question. This time around our time together will be short, but fulfilling nonetheless. Two weeks ago we broached the subject of essential oils, otherwise referred to as EOs. One week ago we discussed the EO of the month, black pepper, alongside new recipes and black pepper EO’s application into our daily lives. Today, Wednesday the 31st of August, the spleen and black pepper share a relationship (you might have already assumed this subject choice from the title). So, “Suzy,” you may ask, “what is the question that corresponds with this topic?” Well, keep reading!

Q1: What is the spleen and its function?

The spleen is the larges lymphatic organ in the human body. It acts as a filter for blood and contributes the immune system. Specifically speaking, the old red blood cells are recycled while platelets and white blood cells are stored in the spleen. The result is an organ that helps fight various bacteria. So cheers to the spleen, an organ, (like most others) that contributes to our overall daily functioning and wellbeing.

highlighted spleen


Q2: Why does the spleen need love from our fellow essential oils?

Reality hits the spleen in the same way that reality hits most of us. Just like muscles need their nutrients to be torn and rebuilt after a gym visit, the spleen needs to be properly strengthened as well. Stress, chronic illness, and digestive issues are an outcome of various environmental and daily choices, but even more so, an outcome of a sad, worn-out spleen. Essential oils step in at this marker and help out our hard-working organs. However, in this case we will stick to the EO, black pepper, as the main EO contributing to the wellness of the spleen.

Q3: How does black pepper essential oil help the spleen?

So what exactly does our EO companion do – apologies – but rephrasing the question seems to be an eloquent segue from the previous Q and A. Well, black pepper EO stimulates and warms up the digestive system. This in turn helps keep the spleen functioning smoothly and becoming overtaxed. On a macro level, use stretching as an example. Stretching after a ten-minute warm up and post-workout makes the following that much better and prevents injury during that day’s workout. In the same way that stretching strengthens your muscles and its mobility through secondary assistance, black pepper EO strengthens the spleen. So make sure to make a note to include those few drops of EO in your tea or various dishes!

As I mentioned earlier, this week’s post is short and sweet. However, with the completion of this post comes another to look forward to. Be prepared because next week will be the beginning of a new topic. I would give it away, but where is the excitement in that? Till then, make those healthy choices, and keep finding ways to incorporate essential oils into your daily regimen!


 ~ Suzy Brown, Nutrition Practitioner & Personal Chef ~

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