Love Affair with Food & Nutrition

SuzyCaptivated by the sights, sounds and smells of the kitchen at an early age, I began my life-long love affair with food. Inspired by a family of cooking enthusiasts who loved to eat well and savored their time around the family table, I quickly subscribed to the role of head kitchen apprentice, and learned how to plan, shop for, prepare, present and serve family meals and dinner parties.

Personalized Service

appcaWhen I put together the two passions in my life – people and food – my career choice was sealed. Serving fresh, nutritious and delicious meals to busy people became my focus goal.

Whether you’re looking for more restful sleep, improved mood, more energy, or help in treating specific ailments, I will provide you with personalized holistic nutrition and essential oil coaching to bring more flavor and purpose to your nutrition plan and make your meals really stand out! Eating healthy is not always easy. I am passionate about providing you the support, counseling and resources you need through your lifestyle changes to foster a well-balanced you.

Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Essential Oil Coach

Always endeavoring to integrate complete nutrition and holistic healing for full-body transformative care, I am pleased to now offer my certified skills as both a Holistic Nutrition Consultant and an Essential Oil Coach. I am passionate about integrating the invaluable knowledge and techniques I learned from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition & Culinary Arts and the Essential Oil Institute into a healthy living plan. I will help you employ essential oils therapeutically through topical application, diffusion and nutrition for whole body care.

Whether you want to live a life without the use of pharmaceuticals, or you are looking for holistic support to your current medical treatment, I am excited to bring my training to the table to become a member of your care team. I will work with any doctor involved in your diagnosis and care to help define and support your body and bring you back into balance.

I am dedicated to helping people live a healthy life without ever feeling deprived. With services ranging from one-on-one coaching calls/skype, group workshops, and video cooking and nutrition demonstrations, there are so many ways to improve your health, so let’s get started!

Personal Chef

Since 2007 my focus has been to serve fresh, nutritious and delicious meals to busy people. Over the years I have provided personalized service and lovingly prepared meals for busy families, individuals with dietary restrictions, over-extended professionals, seniors, and people battling chronic illnesses. My goal is to employ holistic nutrition and therapeutic essential oils targeted at treating certain ailments and conditions into your meals to improve your overall quality of life and promote optimal health. I enjoy teaching and guiding clients to a nutrition plan that meets current specific dietary requirements, from paleo to gluten-free and beyond, and working it into a plant-based flexitarian lifestyle that includes food-combining occasional animal products that is inclusive, not exclusive.

I balance the menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleanup and I strive to be a kind, non-invasive presence in your kitchen. I work tirelessly and I am always looking for ways to add a specialized touch to your dinner table, and leave you nourished. You will taste the difference!