Nutrition Education Services

Variety is the Spice of Life!

I will take you on a journey to health and wellness | where your destination is that of a lifestyle…and not a diet. One of the most despised words in the English language, “diet” evokes memories of deprivation, frustration and failure. Yet we keep trying to do it over and over again hoping that the outcome will give us what we want: the loss of those extra pounds that make us feel that we are slim enough or pretty enough. 

History has proven that diets don’t work. You might drop some of that unwanted weight, but after the diet is over they will come rushing back, and probably bring a few of their friends with them!! History has also proven that what does work is good nutrition and consistent healthy eating. You might not lose the weight you are looking to lose before Saturday night, but you will lose it through a more sustainable lifestyle that will keep them off. You will be giving your body the nutrients it needs to be healthy and function properly. Couple this with good portion control and regular exercise and you will have everything you need for your body to do all the things you want it to be able to do.

Work with me… Together we will work to understand YOUR body!

  • You are unique! I will create a customized plan to ensure you are getting the best macro/micro-nutrients to meet your personalized goals.
  • Weekly personalized support to keep you heading towards your goal.
  • Special tools to help you log your progress
  • Couple this with a customized meal and lifestyle plan
  • Know you are never alone on your journey towards health and wellness

Essential Oils | through our journey together, I will:

  • Introduce you to essential oils | How to incorporate them into your daily diet through culinary approaches, aromatherapy, and massage therapy
  • Introduce you on how to make your very own flavored salts & oils using essential oils to target your specific needs
  • Introduce you to my favorite ways to create and use Hydrosols in your kitchen


Variety is the Spice of Life! Commit yourself to a  healthier lifestyle and I will show you greater life of….

  • Wellness
  • Weight loss
  • Metabolism resetting
  • Graceful aging
  • Pain free
  • Balance

Custom Programs | through our journey together, I will:

  • Educate you about quality whole foods | seasonal & local foods, always highlighting the best your area has to offer
  • Create meal plans, customized for you | recipes, cooking techniques, and variety
  • Teach you how to navigate the grocery store | brands, label reading, pantry priorities
  • Teach you tricks of the trade to help keep you organized so you do not become overwhelmed
  • Holistic consulting | Together, we will discover what your body is trying to tell you it needs, we will learn to listen to it, and then                                  implement a lifestyle so you will increase your energy and overall well-being.


Consulting | through our journey together, You will receive:

  • Multiple sessions that support you in your healthy lifestyle
  • Weekly personalized support to keep you heading towards your goal.
  • Educate you about quality whole foods | Seasonal & local foods, always highlighting the best your area has to offer
  • Create meal plans, customized for you | Recipes, cooking techniques, and variety
  • Special tools to help you log your progress | Journals and access to a secure private virtual back office.
  • I will work closely with any of your healthcare professional(s) | My goal is to see that YOU achieve YOUR goals.


Who can I work with? | Anyone who is currently licensed (R.D., R.N., M.F.C.C., M.D., etc.) by the state in which they reside should check with their professional licensing board regarding nutrition practice requirements.


The Nutrition Consultant certificate title is valid in California, Colorado and other states where there are no federal, state, or local requirements limiting the practice of nutrition consulting.