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Suzy Brown is a Certified Reflexologist and a Holistic Nutrition Consultant.  As a holistic therapist Suzy uses the Foot & Hand Reflexology Tennent Technique™, Functional Nutrition, and Nutrigenomics with Customized Supplementation Support in her practice to  help the body unlock it's natural ability to heal.

Helping the body to unlock it's natural ability to heal

Foot & Hand Reflexology Tennent Technique™

Foot & Hand Reflexology Tennent Technique™ addresses all the systems of the body by employing a unique sequence of pressure applications to the hand and foot reflexology pressure points. The sequence of a reflexology treatment by using the Foot & Hand Reflexology Tennent Technique™ is designed to follow the natural pathways that the body utilizes when flushing toxins in order to heal naturally.

Energetically speaking, reflexology unblocks the electrical currents of the body helping to flush toxins that are buried in the tissues. Reflexology helps to uncover the root cause or seed of an imbalance. Sometimes the underlying cause may be deeply buried as with an unconscious emotion or trauma. Reflexology treatments may stimulate healing by allowing such underlying causes to surface into self-awareness.

Footprints and handprints are your own unique identification. In hand and foot reflexology, the reflexology pressure points on your feet and hands represent your individual anatomy. The application of direct pressure to the reflex-zones or pressure points in the hands or feet, promotes a healing response (reflex) in the corresponding anatomy. Every part of the anatomy is connected to the foot and is represented by a reflex-zone located on a specific part of the foot. By accurately applying pressure to these specific areas, the relevant part of the foot and/or body is contacted.

Foot & Hand Reflexology Tennent Technique™ increases the circulation of the feet as well as the entire body. Foot & Hand Reflexology Tennent Technique™ is more medicinal than the general surface rubbing of a regular foot massage.

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Diet & Lifestyle 

Food! Every being eats it, needs it, thinks about it, and makes choices regarding food everyday.  It brings us together and is a focal point in cultural celebrations. Whole food is also the foundation of good health.

I became a personal chef & holistic therapist because I believe that the food you eat has the ability to unlock the body's natural ability to heal. I want to teach you that making the right food choices can change all aspects of your life.  

If you've been dealing with nagging health issues, feel tired or are overwhelmed by the day to day demands put on you, you're not alone.  Over time poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress can wear us down and drain our bodies of the nutrients we need to thrive.  We start to feel sluggish, get stuck in bad habits, and the health problems seem to keep coming. If you are fed up with putting your health on the back burner, making choices that seem convenient at the time, but don't benefit you long term then you are in for an amazing journey to wellness.

When we make choices that support our health, everything else becomes easier. Whether you're facing specific health issues, been told you have to lower your blood pressure, are looking to lose weight, or just want to feel better and get back your energy, I can help. Working together, you'll learn simple changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle that will help your body to heal itself, allowing you to feel energized, renewed and healthier.

How I can help

Living a healthy life starts with eating a balanced diet of whole, unprocessed food. But it doesn't end there. Our attitudes, relationships and environment all play a part in how we feel. Taking a holistic approach to health means I will look beyond simply counting calories on your plate, and will help to make connections in your life to find opportunities for improvement.  As part of my wellness plans, I incorporate movement, breath and other stress reduction techniques to help you body and mind heal.  There is no one-size fits all approach to health, and together we will find realistic solutions that work for you. My goal is always to empower you to take care of yourself.

Are you ready to embark on a journey to wellness?

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Personalized Service

Through our journey together, you can:

Foot & Hand Reflexology Tennent Technique™

Functional Nutrition therapy | TCM tongue diagnoses, Functional Matrix, meal plans

Nutrigenomics | Understanding your unique DNA is the key to your health & welln

Corporate & Group programs avalible

Cooking Classes | menu & meal planning, shopping, unlocking your inner chef

Essential oils | culinary oils and how to use them, aromatherapy/topical applications

Meditation and breath-work therapy 

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