Thyme to Heal | HNT

Here we will embark on a journey to health & wellness though the use of essential oils, reflexology and TCM tongue examinations

Healing takes Thyme

Nutrition Therapy

History has proven that diets don't work. You might drop some of that unwanted weight, but after the diet is over they will come rushing back and probably bring a few friends with them! History has also proven that what works is good nutrition and a consistent healthy lifestyle

Through our journey together, You will receive

  1. You are unique! I will create a customized plan to ensure you are getting the best macro/micro nutrients to meet your personalized goals
  2. Personalized sessions to support to keep you heading toward your goal
  3. Education on quality whole foods, seasonal & local foods, always highlighting the best your area has to offer
  4. Customized meal plans, recipes, cooking techniques and variety
  5. Special tools to help you log your progress, and access to my secure private virtual nutrition therapy office
  6. I will also work closely with any of your healthcare professionals. My goal is to see You achieve YOUR goals
  7. Customized packages to fit your nutrition therapy goals

Healing takes Thyme

Tongue Diagnosis

Your tongue can tell us a lot about your current health

Though our journey together we will pull therapy methods from

Traditional Chinese Medicine

  1. Tongue diagnosis can be used for acupuncture, reflexology, acupressure, it is of particular importance in helping determine the proper diagnosis during your nutrition therapy.
  2. The tongue shows how and what the body is doing on a macro level.
  3. Tongue assessments will pin point specific characteristics and hone in on particular systems of the body

Healing takes Thyme

Essential Oil Therapy

Through our journey together, I will:

  1. Introduce you to essential oils | how to incorporate them into your daily life through culinary approaches, aromatherapy, reflexology, and environmental
  2. Teach you how plant=-based remedies such as essential oils ca support the body healing in a natural way
  3. Best essential oils for detoxing, supporting and healing

Healing takes Thyme