Thyme to Heal | HNT

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Professional Service

We will embark on a journey to health & wellness though the use of a personalized & whole health approach to create a root cause resolution ~ Healing takes Thyme

We did not get here over night and we can not heal overnight

Through our journey together, we can create a root cause resolution

Healing takes Thyme | guaranteed high quality personalized service and support

Diet & Lifestyle 

Through our journey together, we will discover and heal:

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Root Cause Resolution

Working with todays science and implementing knowledge of ancient modalities we deliver personalized care

DNA testing | Customized protocol with your DNA front and center

Essential Oils | recommendations & recipes utilizing an essential oil protocol to help in your healing

Client Portal | 24 access to your private therapy office. Having your functional nutrition therapist ready to help you with just a click away

Personalized Service

Through our journey together, I will:

Teach and Support 

Lifestyle | Providing easy modification tools that will nourish your total body, mind and soul

7-day meal plan(s) | therapeutic meal plans that include recipes, nutrition facts, grocery list, and tips & techniques

Community Support | Ancient cultures would gather around the hearth to commune with each other. Coming together in a safe & non-judgmental space is important for all of our wellness and support

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