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Foot & Hand Reflexology

Tennent Technique™ 




  • 60 minute personal hand & foot reflexology therapy session
  • Footprints and handprints are your own unique identification. In hand and foot reflexology, the reflexology pressure points on your feet and hands represent your individual anatomy.
  •  Application of direct pressure to the reflex-zones or pressure points in the hands or feet, promotes a healing response (reflex) in the corresponding anatomy.           
  • $75.00 - Travel to your home - within Santa Cruz County
  • $85.00 - Travel to your home - within Monterey & Santa Clara County

Understanding your unique DNA is the key to Your health and Wellness




  • Confidentiality | ÜFORIA™ is HIPAA-Compliant. This law assures the privacy of your genetic information. Additionally, no human identifiers are ever used by the laboratory, guaranteeing confidentiality. 
  • Proven Track Record | The science used in the ÜFORIA™ DNA Assessment has been under development since 1994, making it the first and oldest consumer genetic test in the United States.
  •  Simple, Quick & Easy |Ask here for a kit that provides everything you need and makes it easy to provide a “sample”. You simply swab the inside of your cheeks. A specialized laboratory separates out the DNA from cells found on the swab stick and conducts sophisticated tests to determine if certain genes have SNPs. Swabbing is simple, easy and totally painless.   
  • Affordability |  While mapping the first human genome cost nearly $3 billion, genetic testing has become so commonplace that key genes can now be assessed affordably and have become routine for use in medical practices, to trace ancestry, and for targeted human nutritional decisions.
  • One time cost | $159.00 - preTrition  $99.00 - DNA test
BEGINNING your Journey

Commit yourself to a healthier lifestyle and you will achieve a greater life of

wellness and balance



  • 12 week immersion program into unlocking your body's ability to heal
  • 10 hand & foot reflexology therapy sessions
  • Customized Functional Nutrition & Therapeutic Protocol
  • DNA Testing Kit including preTrition supplementation (DNA test results & custom supplements not included)
  • 3 personalized shopping/cooking classes
  • Meal Plan package | recipes, shopping list, Tips & Tricks
  • Meditation and Breathing practices
  • 8 - Functional nutrition & lifestyle coaching calls
  • Client membership access to virtual therapy clinic