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Suzy Brown, your South Bay personal chef

Personal Chef Weekly,  Bi-Monthly, & Monthly Preparations

A standard weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly service includes five (5) distinct entrees and appropriate side dishes. The service is always about your needs and individual circumstances, so any combination of entrees and servings is available. After your in-home meal assessment is complete, we will schedule your first cook date. Now all you do is relax and enjoy the meals.

Serving California's South Bay Region

  • Santa Cruz County
  • Santa Clara County
  • Monterey County
  • San Benito County
  • Pricing for Personal Chef Service

    Personal Chef Services | Weekly,  Bi-Monthly, & Monthly 

    Pricing starts at $300 per service.

    • This includes 1-6hrs of menu planning, shopping, labor for cooking, and thorough cleanup. 

    Additional Info:

    • All client assessments are complimentary.
    • Cost of food | Groceries usually average around $90-$300 per cook date, depending on ingredients (i.e. premium cuts of meat) and the amount of meals being prepared.
    • Disposable Container Fee: $60.00 These containers are Freezer safe and 100% recyclable but only a one-time use.
    • Re-usable glass Container Fee: $100.00 one time fee. You will own these containers after I have purchased them for you.
    • A Vehicle Delivery fee of $40.00 will be added to each service date 
    • Contract agreement and deposits required. 
    • If your menu requires more than 6 hours of service, my hourly rate is $50 for any additional time.

    Private Chef Services

    Would you like to entertain at home but don't have the time (or interest) to prepare a formal, multi-course meal for friends, family or business associates? 

    the Brown bag | NCS comes to your vacation destination. Make your vacation that much more enjoyable by having your own personal chef and staff take care of the kitchen while you relax and enjoy your time on our beautiful coast. We shop, cook, serve, clean up...YOU, relax and enjoy

    Do you want:

    • A picnic lunch
    • A breakfast ready for you to pop in the oven
    • Appetizers by the pool
    • Dinner service | plated or buffet

    Together we will develop the perfect custom menu to fit your event, I will shop for all the ingredients, and prepare all courses in your own home/vacation location.

    If you like, team Brown bag |NCS can even dress the table and serve the meal to your guests. And, of course, your kitchen will be left completely cleaned and sanitized.

    Pricing For Private Chef Services

    Private Chef Services 

    Pricing starts at $1200 per service. 

    • This includes 12hrs of: menu planning, shopping, labor for cooking, and thorough cleanup.
    • 1 Chef plus 1 server/kitchen staff 
    • The kitchen will be left cleaned and sanitized

    Additional Info:

    • All menus are custom created to your specific event and dietary requirements
    • $50.00/hour for each additional sous chef
    • $30.00/hour for each additional server/kitchen help
    • A Vehicle Delivery fee of $50.00 will be added to each service date 
    • Estimate, contract agreement and deposits required.
    • Cost of Food |Groceries are charged separately and usually average around $200-$700 per event, depending on ingredients (i.e. premium cuts of meat), number of courses, number of guests
    • If your event requires more than 12 hours of service for the head chef, an additional rate of $65 for each additional hour your event requires

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